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Providing quality flight training, aircraft brokering and aircraft acquisition services to the General Aviation Community for over Thirty-Three years (formerly Dakota Ridge Aviation, Inc., Boulder Colorado). 

Member of the National Association of Flight Instructors!

  Authorized Alien Flight Student Provider!

Flight Training for all certificates, Accelerated Instrument Rating Courses, Pilot Mentoring, Insurance requirements, BFR's and IPC's checks in a single-engine tricycle gear, tailwheel and multi-engine aircraft.

Mountain Flight Training with emphasis in density altitude, high altitude aircraft operation, terrain avoidance, hypoxia, mountain wave, maximum demonstrated cross wind takeoffs and landings, and mountain airport operations.

Pinch Hitter courses for wives, husbands, kids or significant others. Teaches loved ones how to deal with in-flight emergencies if the pilot becomes incapacitated. Emphasis on communications, navigation, emergency procedures, configuring the aircraft for landing, flying a stabilized approach to a safe landing.

Garmin 430/530 WAAS and G1000 Training!

Mature and friendly, ATP/CFI/CFII/MEI with over 6000 Total Logged hours, and over 5500 hours of dual given. Hundreds of hours of dual given in Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22, Diamond, Beech Bonanza numerous other high performance single and multi-engine aircraft.

Tailwheel specialist, taught Stephen Coonts (Author of "Flight of the Intruder") to fly a Boeing A75N Stearman the "Cannibal Queen".

Contract Pilot for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gas Group. Performing high altitude air sampling research flights since 1992 on going. 

For Information contact:

John Weisbart



References available on request.



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What my Clients are Saying:

"Bonanza A36TC Transition and IFR Training"

I just wanted to get back to you and thank you for a wonderful instrument training session I had with John and to provide you with this recommendation.

As you may recall, I have a Bonanza A36TC and wanted to do an accelerated Instrument Rating in a complex, retractable gear aircraft so that the time would count toward getting insurance coverage on the Bonanza. Due to JohnГ­Е В©mpressive piloting history, we ended up with John listed on my insurance and an OK to do dual training in the A36TC. Doing your IR in a fast turbo Bonanza is not the easiest way to get an IR. But, if you are willing work hard and put a few extra hours in, it can be a very rewarding experience. Naturally, my goal was to be able to fly the A36TC with an IR, so it was much faster, if not easier, to do my training in the Bonanza. Nonetheless, John was very helpful in providing both transition training in the Bonanza at the same time as starting from the beginning for the IR. After successfully getting my IR, the insurance company offered me PIC insurance based on the 56 hours of dual with John.

John has lots of experience in turbo operations as well as high altitude flying. He was excellent in teaching both how to fly the airplane as well as the instrument procedures. I was very pleased with the experience and fully intend to use AFIT and John again in the near future to expand my piloting skills for both the commercial rating and multi-engine. It is a lot of work to do an accelerated IR, but I would trust AFIT for this task!! Thanks

Joseph W. Humphrey
Santa Rosa, California


"Bonanza A36TC Transition and IFR Training"

I Passed the check ride in the Bonanza A36TC with no issues! John was great to work with. He accepted the challenge that all others shied away from. John took a new low hour pilot from a Cherokee and not only transitioned me into a high performance, complex turbo normalized Bonanza, but used the Bonanza for 100% of the IFR training as well. All in 13 days.

John was always professional and delivered much more than what was expected. The IFR training with John, made me a better pilot in the Bonanza than I was in the Cherokee. Thanks

Dave McCrane
Harbinger, Inc.
Napa, California


"Cessna C210 IFR Finish-Up Course"

John was great. Heࡠhigh energy instructor and kept me engaged. He never stopped instructing for a moment (I had to make it mandatory to stop for lunch because he଩ke the Energizer Bunny). I೯ happy to have finished up becoming an instrument pilot in such a short time. A.F.I.T. is the way to go to minimize the hassles of scheduling instruction. John cared very much about my success and I feel like I堭ade a new friend. This was an excellent way to finish up my 23 year journey to get my rating.


Doug Winston
Bakersfield, California


"Cessna 182S, G1000"

May 2008

Just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to AFIT and John for helping me obtain my Instrument Rating, on the first try.

I acquired a new Skylane 182 in 2005 with the intent of obtaining my instrument rating so that I could be more efficient in the business use of the airplane. I would occasionally do a couple of hours of training and get motivated to finish, however, something always seemed to interrupt the process and with each new motivation came the reality of starting over again.

A pilot friend suggested that I go through an intensive 10 day session and get the process over with. That seemed fine to me, however, having to leave home and business for an extended period was not very appealing to me. I came across AFIT where you send the instructor to my location and decided to go for it.

I scheduled the 10 day course and chatted with John my instructor a couple of times along the way. When John and I met for the first time at the airport, he put me at ease and I became comfortable with him very quickly.

After our introductory session, we went on our first flight and did some approaches. My overwhelming thought on that first ride was that there was "no way" I was going to be able to do this. You can imagine my surprise when we discussed our first flight and John said, "you're going to do just fine."

Over the next few days, things started coming together and by the end of the first week, my attitude had gone from "I can't do this" to "It will be hard but I can do it." In the last few days, things really came together and my confidence level went up considerably.

When the check ride was scheduled, we met the examiner, did the oral and went to the airplane with much anticipation. Weather conditions were not ideal for the check ride but they were safe. After doing some maneuvers but before the execution of the first approach, the examiner commented that "someone has taught you well." From there, with my confidence boosted, the check ride was one of the most pleasant flying experiences that I have ever had. I had complete control of the system and the approaches were "easy." I knew I would pass the check ride during the ride and recognized that I was indeed well prepared.

Summarily, I would recommend AFIT and John without reservation. John and I became friends, he is a great teacher, an outstanding pilot and I never felt unsafe when I was with him. The training was very demanding but he always knew when to back off and he was always accommodating to my requests when I needed a bit of space. This is the "only" way I could have ever achieved my IFR rating and getting the ticket was certainly a "top 10" event for me. My ability to use the airplane and make life easier for my traveling experiences and business was well worth the time and investment. Thank you.

Jerry Partlow
Partlow Insurance Agency, Inc.
Winchester, Virginia


2004 Piper Saratoga Pa-32R-201T, Avidyne Glass,

June 2008

Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with the Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training program I received from John Weisbart in Boulder CO. The idea of getting away from my hometown to prevent distractions was the right choice. Boulder in the Spring this year proved to be challenging from a wind/weather standpoint but in the end I know I am a better pilot for it! 

John, was very committed to teaching and instructing me to get the job done. I was also appreciative of him taking a personal interest in my overall piloting skills and helping me work on some deficiencies that needed attention. 

At the end of the session I not only walked away with my IFR ticket but felt like I knew my plane better than I ever had and gained confidence in precision flying skills that I did not have when I arrived. I would not hesitate to recommend AFIT and John Weisbart to any future potential client you have that inquires!

All the best.

Andy Stephens

Chicago, Ill.


2007 Cessna 172SP, G1000 panel

July 2008

I just wanted to give you some feedback from my experience with John Weisbart in Colorado last month. I wanted to thank you for a great referral with John. He was a very knowledgeable and helpful instructor that made the whole process very easy on my part. Our flights together were enjoyable and he managed to combine the necessary elements to get me check ride ready with my needs for cross country hours very well. The aircraft rental he arranged through Vector Air in Erie was top notch. The plane was virtually brand new and their line staff and management couldn't have been nicer in meeting my needs during the rental. I especially appreciated the reimbursement for lower fuel costs elsewhere from the daily wet rental rate. Although I've heard the 10 day programs can be very difficult in terms of the volume of information and doubts about completion, I found just the opposite to be true with my experience with AFIT and John. He was able to incorporate all the needed aspects into fun, daily flying time that accomplished all the goals I had set out for the week.

Thank you for all your help setting up my program. I wish you the best with continued business. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with John and value the experience. As he may have related, I passed my check ride on the first time with no major concerns and look forward to future development of my IFR skills.

Thank you again,


Gordon Bunting, DVM, Bend, OR


Jason and the staff at VectorAir , Erie Colorado,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with rental N555YS last month for the IFR training with John Weisbart. The 10 days went very smoothly with great service from yourself and your staff. The line boys were great filling up the plane and cleaning the windshield and the front desk staff was very helpful getting the necessary docs together for the check ride oral exam. Thank you very much. The plane was great to fly. The g1000 was a little over the top compared to my personal plane but it was great experience to get used to flying the glass cockpit. John was a great instructor with lots of good practical advice about flying the aircraft. I thoroughly enjoyed my instruction with him and recommend him highly to other similar students. Again, I really appreciate your willingness to rent the plane for an extended block of time so I could complete my IFR training. 

I wish you the best with your business.
Thank you again,

Gordon Bunting, DVM


2007 Cessna T206, G1000 panel!

July 2008

I just want to say thank you for all your help and expertise in training me to be a better and safer pilot. I just completed and PASSED my Instrument Check Ride after 10 days with John Weisbart. I have to admit it was a lot of work but I feel so good at accomplishing this goal. John was amazing as he could fly for many hours a day and remain focused and on top of the training. I felt so confident when it came time to do the Check Ride as I had many hours of practice in a short period of time which allowed me to become 100% familiar with how IFR flying works. This is so much better than the typical ì¹ once a weekГЇВїВЅhod of learning. By doing it every day for 10 straight days it becomes ingrained in you. 

I just did a Demo flight in a Cessna Citation Mustang and the Cessna Operations Pilot commented on my skills of flying a Jet which I have ZERO experience in. I told him it was the recent training that I had received from AFIT that allowed me to be a confident and proficient pilot. 

Thanks again for a great job and helping me achieve this goal while working around my busy schedule. If you are considering getting your Instrument Rating this is the ONLY way to do. Sign up with AFIT! 

Aaron M. Baker
President, Cannon Safe


Joan and Ueli, Cessna T210 BFR and IPC's

Aug. 2008

Ueli and I spent the better part of our dinner tonight talking about our experiences with you. We both concur that it was not only extremely enjoyable, but we both learned so much about many things - and also, several areas where "your way" was better:) It was simply great and each of us never had such wonderful/enjoyable and downright fun biennials and IFR flight reviews. You are much more thorough then anyone we ever had and are always grateful to learn more and/or better.

Thank you so very much for these experiences. There is no doubt that we shall call you for our reviews for as long as we can fly. Then, we when are unable, you shall be our copilot. If this sets well well with you, then we have a win win on both sides!! You are excellent at what you do and we did not want this to go by with out acknowledging it. 

We wish you a great trip this week and may your next pilot/customer experience all that we have.

Best regards,

Joan and Ueli


2004 Lancair Columbia 300, Feb. 26, 2009

I can't say enough about John Weisbart. He was professional, committed, accommodating, and prepared me thoroughly for the IFR check ride. He also taught me to land my Columbia properly as well as made me a better pilot in every aspect. He arranged through his contacts to fix any problem that came up with my plane.
I now count John as a friend that I can call for advice and he can call me if he needs a favor. You have a winner in John Weisbart.

Warm regards,
Jim Stockhouse


The following links are to dozens of FAA and other Publications that can be used to study online instead of purchasing hard copy handbooks! If you have a favorite aviation web site that is not listed here, please email a link to me and I will add it to this list!


FAA Regulations:

Pilot Controller Glossary

FAA Part 61

FAA Part 91


FAA Publications:

Airplane Flying Handbook - FAA

Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook

FAA- Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Aeronautical Information Manual

Aviation Instructor's Handbook

Private Pilot Practical Test Standards

Private Pilot Knowledge Test Questions

Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test Guide

Commercial Pilot Practical Test Standards

FAA - Instrument Flying Handbook

FAA - Instrument Procedures Handbook

Instrument Rating Knowledge Test Guide

Instrument Pilot Practical Test Standards

Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance

AC61-134 Controlled Flight into Terrain Awareness

AC91-74 Flight in Icing Conditions

Flight Instructor Endorsements

FAA Airworthiness Directive Search Engine

FAA Designees and Delegations 


National Aeronautical Charting Office - NAACO


GPS & Navigation:

GPS for IFR Operations AOPA Air Safety Foundation


Garmin Video WAAS

Garmin 430W Pilots Guide and Reference

Garmin 530W Pilots Guide and Reference

Garmin G1000 Cessna Cockpit Reference Guide

Garmin G1000 Cessna Pilots Guide

HSI Explained by Hal Stoen / Localizer Back Course Made Easy

Tim's Air Navigation Simulator, good for VOR/NAV situational awareness



FAA IACRA (Integrated Airman Certification and/or Rating Application)

Single Pilot IFR Training from AOPA Air Safety Foundation

IFR Adventures Rules to Live By from AOPA Air Safety Foundation

Sky Road Projects, Educational material for serious pilots

Stoenworks, terrific resource on numerous aviation topics!

Sparky Imeson Mountain Flying

Hazardous Mountain Winds and Their Visual Indicators Part 1/6 U.S. Department of Transportation advisory circular, AC 00-57, containing information on hazardous mountain winds and their effects on flight operations near mountain regions. Great Graphics!!!


Aviation Weather:

Aviation Weather for Pilots

Aviation Weather Services

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) Weather

AWC - Aviation Weather Center

NOAA National Weather Service



Weather Underground


Aviation General Sites:



FlightAware Live Flight Tracking





AOPA Online Safety Center

The American Bonanza Society

Cessna Pilots Association

The Twin Cessna Flyer

NOAA SARSAT Rescue Beacons



Aspen Avionics

Cessna Aircraft Corporation

Cirrus Design

Diamond Aircraft

Garmin International

Jeppesen Sanderson

Lycoming Engines

Mooney Aircraft

Piper Aircraft Corporation

Teledyne Continental Motor

Click Link Below for Live Audio from!

ATC Audio From KAPA (Centennial Airport in Englewood Colorado)


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