Centennial Edition SR22


Commemorates Wright Brothers' First Flight

In honor  of the Wright  Brother's First  Flight, Cirrus Design has launched the company's commemorative edition flagship; the Centennial Edition SR22. This 21st Century aircraft emerged from the hearts and minds of aeronautical engineers with a passion similar to that of early aviation pioneers who had a vision for personal transportation of the future.

Cirrus Design CEO Alan Klapmeier states, "It is amazing how aviation has shaped history over the past one hundred years. The Wright Brothers were true visionaries of the 20th century and their relentless pursuit of perfection and their resilience to skepticism changed our world. We designed the Centennial Edition as a tribute to honor those early aviation pioneers and their spirit that lives on today."

Elegantly distinctive  from the Cirrus SR22, the Centennial Edition sports a linen white base paint reminiscent ofthe color of the linen wings on the original Wright Flyer. Although the color harkens back to the infancy of aviation, the design and technology of this aircraft project the future of personal aviation.

Klapmeier added, "We hope that 100 years from now, people will see that our airplanes, equipped with all-glass cockpits and composite airframes, were part of the turning point that brought personal transportation aircraft to a much wider audience."

The Centennial Edition SR22 includes all factory-installed options available on the best-selling SR22 plus a host of additional special features, such as an extended three-year warranty and personal accessories.







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